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The SPU Art Department exists to build strong artists, 设计ers and cultural researchers within a tightly-knit and versatile program.


Students from our program go on to work creatively; spanning disciplines across the fine arts, 摄影, 设计, 以及艺术史. In our department, students take a variety of courses and build skills in traditional methods as well as interactive and digital media; while exploring the spiritual nature of art and 设计.


The Art Department at SPU prepares students to pursue a wide range of disciplines — all of them demanding a healthy dose of 同理心. To make art and 设计, or even to successfully talk about art and 设计, practitioners must develop a self-awareness that helps them tap into the universal human experience. Then they must use 同理心 to connect with others and determine how that experience can be communicated across persons, 文化, time, 和空间. Art and 设计 translate deep inner experiences so that they can be shared. Truly successful works of art and 设计 can help connect people who have never met; they can help us realize that all of us, 到处都是, are preciously and profoundly human, with the same wounds, 同样的欲望, the same delights, and the same aspirations. 西雅图太平洋 University aims to equip all students to understand and interface with the diverse communities of the Pacific Northwest, the United States, 这个世界. We’re motivated to do this thanks to the Christian conviction that everyone, 到处都是, is made in the image of God. The Art Department is an important contributor to that mission. 在工作中, whether we’re using 设计 to raise awareness of global challenges, paint or film to gain poetic insight into human suffering or research and writing skills to uncover and translate artistic meaning, we proceed with deep respect and, 是的, 同理心. We hope our students go out into the world a little wiser and a little more compassionate. 最终, we have faith that our graduates will be part of the change — part of the Spirit’s yearning for greater peace and harmony in the world.

“For me, the arts are about 同理心. And in this time of national and global division, 同理心 is more important than ever before.”

Karen Gutowsky-Zimmerman (she/her)
Chair, Art Department Professor + Program Director, Visual Communication Design



Assistant 艺术教授

BARCH和BS, Ball State University, 1999; MA, Ball State University, 2003; MFA, University of Washington, 2008


Karen Gutowsky-Zimmerman

艺术教授-Visual Communications; Chair of Art Department

BFA, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, 1984; MFA, University of Washington, 2000




PhD, Harvard University



Assistant Professor of Sculpture

BFA, Southern Adventist University, 2004; MFA, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, 2007



艺术中心 Program Coordinator




The Art Department, commonly known as the 西雅图太平洋 艺术中心, 成立SPAC, is a haven for creative students and is located near the heart of campus. The 艺术中心 houses a Drawing/Painting Studio, 雕塑工作室, 金属工作室, 设计工作室, a well-equipped computer lab and a lecture hall. It also includes SPAC画廊, which presents a series of diverse exhibitions by professional artists each year and hosts the annual student exhibitions each Spring. Offsite studio space for senior art and 设计 students is also available.

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Karen Gutowsky-Zimmerman



地址: 西克雷莫纳 Seattle, WA 98119
Phone: 206-281-2079
SPAC画廊 Hours: M–Th 9am–4pm
*The Art Gallery closes for the summer on the last day of Spring Quarter finals



Visitors can park for free in the Ross parking lot during evenings and weekends. It is located at the corner of Third Ave W and W Cremona St.

Free street parking is available around campus. Please note that some streets have parking time limits.

Additional visitor parking can be prearranged by calling Campus Security at 206-281-2922.